Bye Bye Blog;(

imagesSZMUEI1CSo… I guess this is my last blog post:(And in honor of that I am dedicating this blog post to all my readers.But  before I just like to thanks my E.L.A teacher Miss Thériault for introducing me and other students to this wonderfull world of words and art.Not only was bloging fun I also learned alot from it, such as how to greed readers , how to comment and how to draw attention to my blog and even more.Also think bloging inproved my writting because now ritting rich sentences and story`s is even easier and fun.


Many challenges were thrown at me during the year , both from school and my own life but blogging always helped such as when Matilda passed away I was able to share it with all of you.But theyre were also edublog`s challenge`s that were fun and sometimes boring.;)My content well, what can I say it was always different things such as my ideas and school assignment.but also different types of writting like top ten`s and story`s.

My typing skills defenetly helped inproving my typing speed and also have better idea`s.Finally bloging was pretty much what I expected it to be since I had have created many site`s.I do think I will be blogging in the futur.

Have a great summer!!!:)

Picture; from googles images labeled for non commercial reusse and photographed froom Jhon Dizon.


What were games before cellphones, Ipads, computers and other electronics? Not the sophisticated board games that make noise if you lose or win. They were real board games.

Board games started near World War One. They were mostly made out of cardboard, soldiers would play these in the trenches at war and so did people at home. One of the first board games was created by Germany. Its name was Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht. Wich means Don’t Get Annoyed With Me in German. The whole point of the game is to move your counters round the board and have you opponent’s pieces thrown off it.






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Hi everyone, Olive here so as we all know summer is write around the corner (28 days) well for my school at least and here a two things I want to do to start of a perfect summer. downloadBut first don’t give me wrong I like school but honestly who doesn’t love summer.So since its my last summer before high school and decided to make it one of the best summer ever.So first I want to have a graduation pool party with all my friends at school and people I get along with.I can already imagine it : people dancing on the balcony . people swimming in the pool and people doing cartwheelsand playing volley ball on the grass.And watermelon , chips and hot dogs on tables.Then at around 9:30 people would leave but my best friends would stay and we would have a camp fire and we would roast marshmallows and make s’mores.I cant Imagine a better summer starter then this.The next week I would start building a three house because I always dreamed of having one. Continue reading

David’s Tea VS StarBucks

Hi everyone, Olive here.

And today we are having a debate. STARBUCKS VS DAVIDsTEA.


DAVIDsTEA                                                 STARBUCKS

  • Variety of choice                                              Sweet drinks
  • Reasonable prices                                            Offers food
  • Healthy enough                                                Care with precision
  • Caffeine tea and Caffeine tea                          Free Wi-Fi
  • Clear Menu                                                         Good whip cream
  • Updates often                                                     Keep original



Hello everyone, this is Olive. And today lets talk about 11:11. Most people make a wish at 11:11 but why ?

Well I have done some research and this is what came up. They say that when suddenly you look at the clock and notice its 11:11 your guides and angels are trying to communicate with you. And that whatever you are thinking of while you see that , something similar will start happening around you. It is also a sign of sincrhonity present, and following life with love. Those who have started there spiritual journey will start seeing 11:11 every where it is a very common daily basys.But beware when you see 11:11 watch out because it is also a sign of awareness. Sadly no one knows why .

We Can Save The Future

Hi, environment here.Well actually no I’m Olive and today I am talking for the great and majestic nature .I know, I know everyone is saying that we need to save the environment and where all going to die and blah blah blah.They are all saying the same thing and don’t worry you probably not the only one that thinks its getting annoying. But guess what its true are planet, write known as the moment you’re reading our planet is dying. And sadly there is no other way to tell everyone to save the planet. But don’t worry we will get thru it together. Continue reading

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